Episodic Tremor and Slip (ETS) Event Monitor

The image below displays selected sites of the WCDA and PBO GPS networks that are located in the region of Vancouver Island and northwestern Washington State. We expect the transient deformation of ETS event to occur within this region. Clicking on each symbol will show a pop-up information window. Clicking on the links inside the information window will show information for that specific site.

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Map Legend:

  • green sign Green sign indicates the site is in WCDA network
  • red sign Red sign indicates the site is in PBO network

Location of GPS Sites
ALBH 48.3898 -123.4874WCDARINEX
BAMF 48.8353 -125.1351WCDARINEX
BCOV 50.5443 -126.8426WCDARINEX
DRAO 49.3226 -119.6250WCDARINEX
ELIZ 49.8730 -127.1227WCDARINEX
NANO 49.2948 -124.0865WCDARINEX
NEAH 48.2978 -124.6249PBO
NTKA 49.5924 -126.6166WCDARINEX
P401 47.9372 -124.5570PBO
P423 47.2712 -122.9412PBO
P418 47.2366 -123.4078PBO
P436 48.0453 -123.1344PBO
P439 48.7082 -122.9093PBO
PABH 47.2128 -124.2046PBO
PGC5 48.6485 -123.4510WCDARINEX
PTAL 49.2563 -124.8610WCDARINEX
QUAD 50.1325 -125.3308WCDARINEX
SC02 48.5462 -123.0076PBO
SC04 48.9232 -123.7041WCDARINEX
SEDR 48.5216 -122.2238PBO
UCLU 48.9256 -125.5416WCDARINEX
WOST 50.2124 -126.6050WCDARINEX
WSLR 50.1265 -122.9212WCDARINEX
PTRF 48.5443 -124.4131WCDARINEX
CLRS 48.8203 -124.1309WCDARINEX