Station Book information for VDB

Vedder Mountain, BC


Agency Network Name Network Code Station Code


Latitude Longitude Elevation (m) Depth (m)
49.0261 -122.1028 404 0

Response information:

Station response files, used when interpreting seismic waveform data, are stored at

The CN.dataless dataless SEED file contains station response information for all CN stations, and can be read with program rdseed.

RESP files are SEED response files that can be read by the programs evalresp, JEvalResp or JPlotResp.

SAC_PZs files are SAC poles and zeros files that can be read by the program SAC.

Visit for more information on these programs.

Contact information


Latest Station Type 1-component Extremely Short Period
Open date 19830103
Close date

Data Access

Service Web e-mail
AutoDRM web request form e-mail
NetDC web request form e-mail
Manual Request (large volumes) e-mail

Channel information

All effective times are of the format YYYYMMDD.HHMM.

Comp SR Start time End time Sensitivity (nm/count) P Inst Name Horiz Vert
EHZ 100 19970308.0000 20060517.0006 0.0576036 0.100 L4 -90 0
EHZ 100 20060517.0113 0.0159154 0.100 S-13 -90 0

Time corrections

A time correction of 999.9 indicates uncertain timing.

All effective times are of the format YYYYMMDD.HHMM.

Comp Start time End time Time correction (s)
EHZ 19970308.0000 20060517.0006 0.0
EHZ 20060517.0113 0.0