The M7 Vancouver Island Earthquake of December 6, 1918

Location and Magnitude

  • Local Date and Time: December 6, 1918 at 12:41:08 am Pacific time
  • UT Date and Time: 1918-12-06 08:41:08 UT
  • Magnitude: MW 7.2; MS 6.9
  • Maximum Intensity: Mercalli VII
  • Latitude: 49.44° N
  • Longitude: 126.22° W

This large earthquake occurred just after midnight (12:41 am) on Friday December 6, 1918. The magnitude is about 7. Its exact location is uncertain, but it occurred near the west coast of Vancouver Island, and was felt very strongly at Estevan Point lighthouse and at Nootka lighthouse on the southern tip of Nootka Island. There was some damage to the Estevan Point lighthouse and to a wharf at Ucluelet. This earthquake awakened people all over Vancouver Island and in the greater Vancouver area. It was felt in northern Washington state and as far east as Kelowna, in the interior of British Columbia.

1918 Quake
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