Overview of the National Earthquake Database

The National Earthquake DataBase (NEDB) comprises a number of separate databases that together act as the national repository for all raw seismograph data, measurements, and derived parameters arising from the Canadian National Seismograph Network (CNSN), the Yellowknife Seismological Array (YKA), previous regional telemetered networks in eastern and western Canada (ECTN, WCTN), local telemetered networks (CLTN, SLTN), the Regional Analogue Network, and the former Standard Seismograph Network (CSN). It supports the efforts of Earthquakes Canada in Canadian seismicity monitoring, global seismic monitoring, verification of the Comprehensive nuclear Test Ban Treaty, and international data exchange. It also supports the [Nuclear Explosion Monitoring project][NEM].

The Parameters database contains available information for all Canadian earthquakes since the 16th century, including epicentral solutions, phase arrival measurements and comments, and (for modern events) an index to corresponding digital waveform data stored in the National Waveform Archive.

The Stations database contains seismograph station-related data. This includes stations of cooperating agencies/networks such as POLARIS, SOSN, and NONT.

For more information, send email to: EarthquakeInfo@NRCan.gc.ca

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