Canadian National Data Centre (CNDC)


The Canadian National Data Centre for Earthquake Seismology and Nuclear Explosion Monitoring (CNDC) supports the mission critical Seismic Monitoring needs of Earthquakes Canada and fulfills the role of Canada's Nuclear Explosion Monitoring (Test Ban) National Data Centre.

Over 6 gigabytes of continuous, compressed seismic ground motion data from the stations of the Canadian National Seismograph Network (CNSN), the POLARIS network, and other deployments are acquired, quality controlled, processed, and archived within the CNDC on a daily basis. Event detection, automatic location, and issuing e-mail alerts are accomplished within minutes of local and regional events. The National Earthquake Database (NEDB) is the national repository/index for all raw data, phase measurements, and derived parameters.

The National WaveForm Archive (NWFA) contains event-related digital waveforms acquired by regional networks operating in Eastern and Western Canada since 1975, and continuous data from the Yellowknife Array since 1989 and from the Canadian National Seismograph Network (CNSN) since 1992. The FDSN web service provides convenient access to continuous waveform data plus selected data from the NEDB.

In its role as the National Data Centre for Nuclear Explosion Monitoring, the CNDC supports the development of the CTBT International Monitoring System (IMS) in part by forwarding continuous data in near real-time from the Yellowknife Array (YKA) and 4 other stations to the International Data Centre (IDC) in Vienna. The IDC regularly requests additional data from Canada's 6 auxiliary seismic stations via the FDSN web service. Continuous data from 10 broad band sites designated "Federation" (FDSN) stations are supplied to the IRIS DMC for archive.

Activities of the CNDC

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